Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.

- Socrates


I started academic teaching in 2011, teaching Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Web Development to undergraduate students at the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex. As part of that role I helped develop course materials, prepare assignments with marking schemes, mark assignments, and provide one-to-one student support during labs.

I'm now the module superviser for CE154 Web Development and CE206 Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualisation and help teach CE201 group projects, CE301 final year project students and CE901 masters students.

In association with Proficio, I have developed workshops for postgraduate researchers aimed at getting participants to publish their first paper (improving papers in progress) and developing effective search strategies for literature reviews.

In 2013 I worked as science staff at the Operation Wallacea marine research base on Pulau Hoga, Indonesia. My role was to lead the research on Opistobranch diversity, distribution and abundance and mentor students who were collecting data for their dissertations by providing assistance with project methodology, data analysis and report writing. In 2016 and 2017 I ran the marine site in Dominica for Operation Wallacea and led the coral reef ecology lectures.


As part of my role at the University of Essex I supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate projects.

Postgraduate (PhD) projects

Analysis and classification of medical imagery (Mais Marai, 2020-ongoing)

Automatic question-answering on closed domain knowledge (Mahsa Kia, BT Scholarship, 2019-ongoing)

Rapid 3D reconstruction of complex environments (Jessica Wright, 2018-ongoing)

Exploring Strategies to Prevent Harm from Web Search (Steven Zimmerman, 2016-ongoing)

Postgraduate (MSc) projects

Annotating Substrates in Coral Reef Images (Zhuoer Huang, 2020)

Annotating Substrates in Coral Reef Images (Ogulcan Ozer, 2019)

Detection of Lead in Satellite Imagery and Property Vulnerability Prediction (Hector Palop, 2019)

Cipher: A game for correcting errors in text (Liang Xu, 2019)
Liang's thesis was published at the Games and NLP workshop at LREC 2020.

Applying language style transfer to E-Commerce chatbot services (Ela Elsholz, 2018)
Ela was also the winner of the RA Brooker prize for the best overall performance in the Computer Science PGT course and her dissertation was published at CHIIR 2019.

A Games with a Purpose (GWAP) approach for a study of slang words in Rap lyrics for UK Grime and U.S Rap (Enoch Offiah, 2018)

Interactive visualisation of cryptocurrencies price prediction using sentiment analysis (Adegbesan Jide, 2018)

Developing a GWAP to improve image labels (Terry Mbanefo, 2018)

Detecting the three modes of persuasion on Twitter (Michalis Tsangaris, 2018)

Undergraduate (BSc) projects

A Web Portal for Graduate Job Search (Teodora Nikolova, 2020)

Annotating Substrates in Coral Reef Images (Aleksandr Leokin, Henry Lewis, 2020)

Analysing Reddit Streams for Sports Analysis (Mitchel Wemah, 2020)

Game Intelligence Through PacMan Ghosts (Yongqing Tang, 2020)

Enhanced Pre-processing of Video Photogrammetry (Giorgos Charalampous, 2020)

Interactive Data Visualisation of Text Analytics (Katherine Grayson, 2019)
Katherine's thesis was published at CEEC 2019.

An App Version of the Phrase Detectives Game-with-a-purpose (Harrison Gittos, 2019)

Online Gift List manager/organizer (Guy Clark, 2019)

Weatherbe, An activity planning Android application (Samuel Mills-Matheou, 2019)

Development of two game-based website (James Davies, Andleeb Nusrat, 2018)

A video non-classical board game (Valentinas Vaiceliunas, 2018)

Bid4MyJob website (James Wood, Nicolas Kadis, Tristan Nothling, 2018)